Bosch and Aravind

Tackling Preventable Blindness

Accessible and affordable healthcare for lower levels of the socio-economic pyramid in India has always been of concern. It is said that 1 in every 3 blind people in the world is an Indian. This largely attributes to the lack of awareness as well as accessible eyecare in the rural areas of the nation.

Aravind Eyecare has attempted to tackle this situation with a noble model of eyecare delivery. The deployment of the hospital’s 50 vision centers across Tamil Nadu have changed the economics of eyecare for thousands of people. These vision centers operate in rural pockets, catering to primary eyecare and eye screening. Managed by technicians from the rural vicinity, once screened and examined, patients are referred to doctors at the base hospital through the technologies of telemedicine. This system has resulted in a large patient base being examined over shorter periods of time and freeing doctors for diagnosis alone. Bosch Eyecare Solutions has helped the Aravind’s model turn into an efficient and sustainable one. With the deployment of the solution within the vision centers, eye screening has become quicker and easier for technicians. Quicker screening time has been achievable due to the portable and non-miadriatic feature of the device, hence allowing the coverage of a larger patient base. The software aspect of the solution allows images captured to be transferred to the specialist doctors who are able to diagnose the disease as well as create a medical history for the patient for future reference.

This initiative by Bosch and Aravind Eye Care Systems seeks to help people from economically weaker backgrounds get the eye care they deserve.

The nature of the model and deployment of Bosch’s technology has increased the speed and accessibility of quality eyecare to the nooks of rural areas by ten-fold today.

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